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PET Bottle Manufacturer by Blow Molding Machinery

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The arrival of plastics at 20th century made a great change of use in the place of glass wares . Most of glass utensils are replaced be Plastic wares which are lightweight, flexible and long durability. These PET bottles are manufactured by PET bottle blow molding machine . At first, the raw materials for PET, they are Ethylene Glycol and Dimetyl Terephthalate are mixed together in equal proposition. They are melted to high temperature, and  by plastic mold injection machine  the plastic is molded to shape of the test tube with the bottle cap holding thread on the top.   

The next step follows the taking these tubes to the heater from the plastic mold injection machine by the conveyor. The conveyor has the chain of nozzles to hold the tubes. Then the tube is heated to the temperature below to its melting point. In this state the test tube is more flexible and will be in jelly form. This jelly state of the glass tube is more useful for expansion of its structure in  the mold. When the tube reaches the mold, the hot air is pressured to the tube to form into a bottle shape. Thus the PET bottle blow molding machine produces the PET bottles.

These bottles manufactured are put under various tests to test its quality. The quality control team looks over for the quality of the product and provide assurance for its good quality. The top load test is carried out by applying load on the top of the bottle neck with a force measured in Newton or kgf or mm or lbf. This test is sufficient as the bottles are to be filled in and packed and arranged as the load placed on the top of the bottle. The pressure test is carried to check the amount of pressure that the bottle can withstand. This test is performed by filling the bottle with water to the maximum till the bottle bursts. This test results the strength of the bottle. The soil test  is undertaken to check the leakage of bottles at its surface or at its neck. This test is done by filling up gas in the bottle and immersed in the water, so that the leakages of the bottle can be identified by the bubbles created at the leaky holes. The another test to ensure the product standard is to cut the bottle into pieces by the hot-wire and check its weight and strength. Only if the product passes this test, the manufacturing is approved. The torque testing of bottle is done to ensure the withstand of bottle neck when the cap is screwed on it. The dirt analyzer test is processed to clear the dirt in the container. The transparency test is used to ensure the transparency of the bottle by passing light through the bottle.The empty load test ensures the weight of the bottle without any fill in it. The above all tests are to be carried  to maintain the quality of the PET bottle.

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