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Add Fun to your next Event with Commercial Popcorn Makers

by popcornplaza

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Who doesn’t love the smell of popcorn?  No longer just at the movie theatres, you will see popcorn popper machines at concession stands, school events, sporting events, carnivals, convenience stores, and even birthday parties at home. Just the smell alone will entice people and put a smile on their face.


Popcorn appeals to both adults and children, therefore it is a definite winning addition to any event.   People are naturally drawn to popcorn makers; to the delicious smell, the sound of the kernels popping, the sight of fluffy white popcorn falling into the glass case, and the delicious buttery taste.


A commercial popcorn machine comes in all shapes and sizes.  Traditionally a bright red colour, you can have an antique bar style machine to enhance your party room, or an old fashioned stainless steel popcorn cart that is easily transportable to different events if necessary.


Not all popcorn makers produce quality popcorn, but if you are tired of the burnt taste of microwave popcorn, you can buy mini versions of the professional poppers you see at carnivals and movie theatres.  They don’t take up too much room, are not expensive, and produce excellent tasting popcorn.


If you are hosting an event you might consider a hot dog roller machine as well as a commercial popcorn machine.  Cooking hot dogs on a roller is the best way to ensure you get plump, juicy hot dogs without burning them, just like you get at the ball park.  Sausages can also be used on these cooking roller machines.

There are different sized popcorn popper machines available, depending on your needs.  For example, a 4 oz. popper is a great size for low volume locations that do not need lots of servings but require professional quality popcorn.  A 12 oz. machine is more suitable for venues where you need more production in less time.


A 20 oz. size commercial popcorn machine is a higher production machine perfect for smaller sized theatres and sports complexes.  They can produce up to 400 oz. each hour, equivalent to 700-1000 cups per hour.  You will see even larger machines in multiplex movie theatres and large stadiums where high production is required.


A good quality, heavy-duty commercial popcorn maker should last for many years, even it if is used everyday.  Important factors to consider before purchasing are kettle size, features, electrical requirements, brand, and warranty. It’s also important that they are user-friendly, easy to maintain, and safe to operate.


About Us:  Concession equipment and supplies are used at many venues, such as sporting events, school events, carnivals, and concession stands.  They can even be used at home for themed birthday parties.  Whether it’s to make popcorn, hot dogs, snow cones, or cotton candy, we have all the equipment and supplies you need to add fun to any event.  Visit us at today to see our range of products for a range of special events and business venues.

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