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Well this is the first tutorial I have ever written and seeing as I have grown bored with tinychat I feel free to pass this knowledge along. Enjoy!!!

Tools Required:
Wpe Pro
Opera Web Browser (easiest to use 4 this method)

Step 1:
You will need this site to convert text to hex

Step 2:
open Opera and navigate to a Tinychat room and find a target name you wish to clone or boot.
[Image: 2h730g8.jpg]
Step 3:
When the name is found, put it in the text2hex site and press convert.
[Image: 2q2h6kh.jpg]
Step 4:
You are going to want to copy the "Hex Spaced".
[Image: 91892802.png]
Step 5:
Go to Filter 1 and check it then double click to open it.
[Image: 56349759.png]

Step 6:
Under "Mode" select 'advanced' and under "Start modifying from" select 'from the position of the chain found'.
[Image: 54806268.png]

Step 7:
Where it says "Offset Modify", place the copied 'Hex Spaced' data on "000".
[Image: 1newe.png]

Step 8:
Where it says "Offset Search", Now this is key, for every character in the Victims name, there must be the same hex value in the search box. when finishes hit apply. (Example: I use 30 for my filter which equals 0. The name bong is 4 characters, therefore i would put 30 30 30 30 in the search section).
[Image: 2new.png]

Step 9:
Click "Target program" and select the Opera browser.

Step 10:
Refresh the room and when it comes time to put a name in remember this, every character of targets name must match so if we cloned the name bong we would enter my case it's more lol.
[Image: 21723314.png]

Step 11:
Now that we are logged in with our 0 name we go back to Wpe Pro and click then 'ON' button
[Image: 3new.png]

Step 12:
Back in Opera we double click on our 0 name in the tinychat room list and when it comes up to change it we don't, simply hit GO.
[Image: 44642795.png]

Now the name is completely cloned, when you type it will show up as 00 but if you open another tab in the same room you will see it types under the targets name.

Hope this was an informative tutorial. Took me over an hour of my time to write so show some love.

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