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Make your own Fashion Statement with Branded shoes

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One of the most happening shoes nowadays is the Alligator belly mens shoes.As the name suggests, these shoes are made of alligator skin. The Utilization of alligator skin makes in shoes of men is very frequent nowadays as these shoes are very stable and long lasting.


Alligator belly mens shoes are much costly as they are much in demand with ample supply in the market. Even a few months ago, the wild life and fish service department of USA has marked Alligator as a rare species. Therefore, the population of alligator needs to be maintained.


Research shows that the species alligators evolved twenty million years ago and are similar to dinosaurs and crocodiles. This is the main reason they rough teeth and skin which are too tough to be torn. The skin of alligators greatly complements leather and utilized for making various men items such as leather materials, wallets, braces, straps of belt and belts. As these materials are rarely available, the shoes are more costly in respect to other shoes of general leather and cow skin. You may also get Los Altos gator mens shoes which are also very durable.


There are very few companies which manufactures good quality alligator shoes and exotic skin casual mens shoes. The wide range of these shoes available everywhere is available in different styles such as plain, sober colors and in carious styles. Most of these shoes are stylish and at the same time comfortable with some extra qualities provided by the craftsman. These shoes can be very costly and are particularly manufactured for rich people. A person having a pair of this type of shoes is just like a valuable property which his descendents will be proud of.


The alligator skin is generally 6 to twelve feet in length, whereas majority of the crocodile skin are generally 3 to 5 feet in length. The smaller the animals are the lesser will be the size. The size will vary according to the animal’s size. The skin of any adult alligator is much greater and they are more symmetric. You may even try Ostrich mens shoes which are equally impressive and available in different sizes.


Generally, the hides of throat and belly of the alligator is utilized since it offers the most symmetric shape with rectangle shaped designs which also brings in an artistic look in the shoes. You may get same type of artistic look in Lizard mens shoes. The skins of alligator have scaly designs which are usually oval or round. These skins are derived from best quality materials used only by those manufacturers who make luxury shoes. You may even get some replication of these types of shoes which are less long lasting and made of inferior quality materials.

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