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How to Ensure Smooth Outsourcing Experience

by rubybadcoe

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Data protection and management is a priority but remains a huge obstacle to surmount for many small to midsize enterprises (SMEs). Many of these SMEs simply use on-site hardware that leave them highly susceptible to device failure, power surges, natural disasters, or theft. Cloud backup solutions like Williams record management offer a better alternative as they are secure, reliable, simple to manage, and easily scalable. Here are a few tips on how to make cloud backup services work for you.

Identify the most sensitive information you have. Oftentimes, these will include your customer's credit card or social security numbers. Take note of the file or storage areas in which sensitive data are stored away, be it computers, servers, or laptops.

Be sure to segregate sensitive information from the rest of your data. Isolate it from the network, if that's possible. You can also choose to encrypt the data to protect it even further. Possible encryption solutions include applications and security suites offered by software manufacturers. Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or a similarly encrypted connection for receiving and sending credit card information and other sensitive financial data.

Consider hiring a consultant or outsourcing security to ensure the safety of your business. For instance, you might consider outsourcing compliance management, vulnerability management, firewall management, and intrusion testing. Chances are, a qualified management security service like Williams record management services can offer better security than an in-house data security team, and do so at a lower cost. Such services will also allow your IT staff to concentrate on other key business functions.

If you outsource any critical business functions, understand and inspect third-party security practices. Just because you store information off-site at what you know to be a secure data center or cloud provider, doesn't mean you are no longer responsible for your data. Ask your provider how they address and ensure the security of the information you pay them to store.

One key element to understand about data security: It's more cost-effective to prevent a catastrophe than to fix one. Oftentimes, you can prevent data security problems by practicing the steps outlined above. Learn the essential elements of protecting business data from

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