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Mask respirators: Effective Precautionary equipment

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Respirators can be divided into two categories. The single use disposable masks which are inexpensive and the reusable respirators which have very sophisticated cartridges to filter the air. The reusable Mask respirators are known as air purifying respirators abbreviated as APR and can be further divided into two types: the full face respirator and the half mask respirators. Disposable masks do not filter the air in the same way as the reusable masks. Many of the masks have the option of purchasing lens covers that stick to the full face mask and can be peeled after use. These films help to preserve the lens from scratches.

Mask respirators need to perform a fit test prior to using it in hazardous conditions. When used effectively, reusable respirators can be comfortable and an important part of the protective gear equipment. When a person is exposed to a workplace environment with gas or airborne material, then protection is very essential. It is necessary to understand which kind of respirator will provide the best protection. Essentially there is the Self contained breathing apparatus, (SCBA) the Powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) and the Escape breathing apparatus.

The N95 Mask is the plain white mask which is worn in areas where there is increase in dangers of pandemic diseases such as swine flu, avian, dengue, and then these masks are very popular. The N95 is a mask that is plain white cloth circle with elastic straps to fit around the ears and a metal to conform to the contours of the nose. The outside is made of rough cotton and paper that is porous while the middle is made up of latex.

The main function of the N95 mask is to reduce the chances of contraction of any airborne diseases. The flu is spread by microscopic amounts of water given off when infected individuals breathe and sneeze. The N95 reduces and minimizes the risk of contraction by creating a barrier though which even small bacteria cannot pass. Many people believe that any mask that looks like the N 95 mask can perform the same function. Dust masks which reduce the amount of dust inhaled looks quite similar to the N95 mask. However they do not have the thin latex.

The earliest form of N95 mask was developed to protect miners, fire-fighters from dust, chemicals and smoke. Soon workplaces and industries began requiring the workers to wear so that the risk of inhaling harmful gases is reduced. Today, it is used in the health industry to filter the airborne particles, viruses and bacteria from reaching the lungs. The mask must fit your face to prevent the spread of germs from one person to another. They are part of the infection control strategy which also includes washing hands and quarantine or social distancing.

N95 respirators are not designed for people with facial hair. People with chronic respiratory or other medical conditions should check before wearing the mask. Wearing an respiratory masks is an effective method for reducing the chances of contracting airborne diseases and restoring good health conditions regardless of the contaminants that linger around in the work place or any other place for that matter.

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