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Irrigation considered one of the most essential discoveries in the history of mankind right at the top with the invention of wheel and discovery of fire. It is a well known fact that since ancient time man has been largely depended upon agriculture for meeting its food requirements and for that purpose it invented agriculture, making it settle at regions near water bodies. But at that time one of the most essential breakthroughs was the invention of the irrigation system which allowed man to produce more and more food, setting in motion the engines of growth that have brought mankind to such illustrious heights today.

Irrigation defined in scientific terms is the artificial application of water to the land or soil and is used to assist the growing of crops for variety of purposes, maintenance of landscapes and revegetation of disturbed soil bases in dry areas and in periods of inadequate rainfall. Irrigation becomes all the more important factor in agriculture in regions where rainfall is in short supply as it allows the farmers to substitute the water from rainfall through the water from irrigation channels. In a country like India where not all regions of the country experience high amounts of rainfall, irrigation facilities and technologies become of paramount importance to the ability of the nation’s farmlands to feed its people.

There are instances of droughts all over the country every year and it is in areas like these that irrigation facilities are most important. India was gifted the irrigation technology by the British and states like Punjab and Haryana are great examples of the benefits of irrigation systems for the growth and maintenance of agriculture. Having considered and understood the importance of irrigation systems and technology, for a country as fruitful as India in terms of fertility of soil, it’s still an underachiever in agriculture. Thus, research and education in this field is very essential for the growth of the country and its farmers.

Irrigation Research Institute are the perfect answer to the questions of research and education in this field, an Irrigation Research Institute allows a nation to build its base in human capital of irrigation, do research on new methods subject to the constraints of the country’s landscape and also educate the farmers about the benefits of irrigation technology. One institute which has dedicated itself to the cause of research and improvement in irrigation technology is the Irrigation Research Institute in Roorkee which was established in 1928 and has contributed a lot to the development of irrigation systems across the country.

�F 22PO)Ound:white'> has two halls in its premises; one of the two halls has three experiential flumes out of which one is a steel flume. Besides this the Research center also boasts of two masonry flumes provided with glass walls for observations. The Laboratory also has a circulatory system of water supply with a staggering flow of 200 liters per second at a drop of 5m. All in all the Hydraulics Research Center is really a great addition allowing for path breaking research to take place in the field of Hydraulics.


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