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Beets for horses are essential for the weight-loss diet

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Whether you are training horses for competitive or leisure riding, good nutrition is the key to get a good performance out of them. Like human beings, horses too need proper care and guidance as far as food is concerned in order to be healthy, energetic and free from obesity. Fat horses are not only inappropriate for any sort of activity but the obesity is also a threat to their own health. If your horse is overweight, you need to carefully chart a diet plan which will give him all the necessary nutrients without adding to the calories.

Although hay is the primary food which you should be concentrating upon while charting your obese horse’s diet, beets for horses are wonderful as a supplement in the diet. Beets for small animals have always been popular as a diet supplement, but they are wonderful in the diet of horses too. While feeding hay to a fat horse, you should be careful to choose the correct kind of hay as it varies a lot in sugar content and calories. Tender, early hay like alfalfa are packed with calories while rougher cuts of hay actually contain fewer calories and significantly lower amounts of sugar. Orchard grass, meadow and prairie hay and mature cuttings of Bermuda hay are the best types of hay to feed an obese horse.

It is important to omit grains from the diet of a fat horse as grains have really high amounts of calories and fat and should be eliminated altogether in order to lessen the calorie intake of the horse. It is a common misconception that grains are really nutritious for horses when they serve no purpose for an obese horse. If hay is not sufficient or the horse is getting unruly, a better and healthier alternative is beet for horses, as mentioned earlier. Beet pulp is excellent as filler as it works out to the same amount as a pound of oak. Beet has to be soaked in water first as otherwise the horse will not like it. A decent sized portion of beet pulp will fill the stomach while giving only a small amount of calories. A pound of beet pulp can be mixed with 2 ounces of ground flax and rice bran each and divided into two feedings. This makes for a great daily diet as it provides all the requisite nutrients and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and is thus well-balanced. Red beet is one of the best energy boosters for a horse and will help keep the horse feeling full without piling on the calories.

The other staple food for a healthy and energetic horse is the carrot. Carrots for horses are essential in maintaining their eyesight even into old age and are an important balancing ingredient in any horse diet. Beets for horses along with carrots are vital for a nutritious, well-balanced diet planned to control and bring down the weight of an obese horse.

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