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Significance of Creative Navigation Design in Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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An online portfolio is a place where you show your creativity to the rest of the world. People who cannot know you by your words or speech, or to be exact, people who do not have access to your voice or your speech needs to be impressed by your work. And by people, I mean potential clients, who can later be your money tree. So the investment of money and time is totally worth it in this case. What do you say?

Every website needs a good navigation system. This is a part of every good website. In order to catch your traffic's attention and in order to make them catch a grasp of your work, you need to go creative. You need a navigation system, and you need to be creative. Are you getting it? Here is the hack, you can do the same task at the same, by creating a creative navigation design.

The significance of having a navigation system
Your portfolio might have a thousand contents inside. If you are a photographer, for instance, you will not just take only a single type of photo. You probably will go and experiment different types of photos. Suppose there are 18 categories of photos that you have taken and on an average, there are 50 photos per category. There you go. You have 900 photos that are uploaded in your portfolio. Do you really think that your client has that much of a time to inspect all your photos and search your photographs?

This is where a navigation system can help. If you categorize your photos, and add labels to them, there will be a better chance that the client will visit your website and have a fun time exploring. They will not be bored at all and can eventually land on the things that they are looking for in a very short time. If you number the pages, your client can jump from one page to another in just a click of a button. Remember, the friendlier your website is, the more time your client will spend on your website. The more time your client spends on your website means that you get more chances of getting hired. So using an enhanced navigation system can just easily keep him tethered to you.

The significance of being creative with the whole navigation system
There are a lot of other photographers out there. Many of them are using an easy and creative navigation system. Why should people hire you instead of them? So if you come up with a creative navigation system, you might get an edge. If the navigation system is creative, your client will love to play with the system, this means that he will surf more of your contents and will get to know a little more about you.

Remember the more time a client spends on your website is proportional to the chances of your being actually hired. So, merry navigating.

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