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Here's an Excellent Culinary Tip: Consider the Tri Tip

by lizpeters

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Tri tip is a triangular muscle found below the bottom sirloin. In the past, it was used largely for burgers and soup meat. Butchers thought that it would not be a great suggestion to sell the tri tip on its own given that there was just one tri tip for every side of the beef, so they gathered them and chopped or ground them together.

This was up until it was discovered that those tri tips can be used to make a good steak. It was discovered that this part, which had been passed over for years, had a kind of softness that was perfect for a steak. Not just that; it was also found out that it was very flavorful and a good marinade was all it took to be transformed into a jaw-dropping steak. Since then, people became smitten over this part. Today, everyone desires a piece of exquisite tri tip for himself.

Up until now, tri tip is still treated among the most sought after cuts that are ideal for steaks. Besides flavor and tenderness, it is also known to have reduced fat content as compared to other parts, which makes it ideal for the steak lover that does not want way too much fat. Basically, he obtains the very same level of goodness for a decrease cost. Tri tip is often cooked by directly grilling it only for 30 to 40 minutes. As a result of its tenderness, it should not be grilled beyond the prescribed time. If reduced into strips, on the one hand, food preparation lasts just for about eight minutes. An excellent marinade is also necessary so it won't dry up quickly.

In spite of the increasing popularity of tri tip, on the other hand, it remains to be less pricy compared with other cuts. This is the reason an increasing number of people are getting infatuated over tri tip. Nevertheless, the thing is that it is not that easy to find it considering that there is just one tri tip for each and every side of the cow.

The next time you seek wonderful steaks online, you already understand what to look for. Settle back and treat yourself to a great tri tip steak today. For more details on the tri tip, check out

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