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What Can You Expect During and After Tooth Extraction

by henrytyler

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For you, the very thought of your tooth being pulled out of your gum is fearsome already. What more if you are now seated on a dental chair and your dentist is holding his tools? Stop whatever is on your mind and try to be aware of the methods involved in tooth extraction in Chandler. Soon as you are aware of what's going to happen inside the dental office, you will make the experience less stressful on your part.

During Tooth Extraction

1. Your dental professional will numb the area where the tooth or the teeth to be removed are found. He will probably present you with local anesthetic to start this. If he will have to get rid of a number of teeth from you, having general anesthetic is a prospect. It is a course of action where you will be put to sleep.

2. The moment the dentist begins the elimination, you may feel a slight pressure on your jaw but do not worry because enduring pain is unlikely.

3. The treatment might take 20 minutes or less.

4. Depending on the situation, you may require stitches after tooth removal. Again, pain in the process is not likely because you are under anesthesia.

5. After tooth extraction in Chandler, the dentist will place gauze pad in the spot and he will ask you to bite it down solidly to stop or reduce bleeding.

6. Of course, the room will now be empty. You will be the one to make a decision if you like to leave it as that or you want a complete set of teeth; hence, replacement is necessary. The tooth doctor will ask you if you prefer dental implant, bridge or denture. But your decision can wait. For the meantime, you will need to go home and delay until the gum is recovered.

After Tooth Extraction

1. Apply ice pack right on the spot to avoid swelling. Work on this for 10 minutes or every 10 minutes, as you find it important or as suggested by your dentist.

2. If you are not the cook at home, ask your mom or a person to prepare softer food for you. Mushroom or chicken soup and jelly are suggested. Do not eat solid food or you may put strain on your gum.

3. Change gauze pad with a brand new one if the gum continues to bleed and if it is already soaked with blood.

4. If you're a smoker, prevent smoking.

5. After every meal, make certain you wash your mouth with this solution: eight ounces of warm water mixed with half teaspoon of salt.

6. As much as you can, stay at home. Have a break for the next 24 hours and limit your activity for the next two days.

7. Remember, you still ought to brush and floss your other teeth. This will prevent bacteria to reside in the extracted area.

As you look at this content, you make yourself well-informed about tooth extraction in Chandler. But in addition to that, you are also reducing nervousness because you now have a perception of what's going to happen inside the dental office.


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