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The European Aviation Safety Agency Or EASA

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EASA or the European Aviation Safety Agency is a regulatory body associated with the European Union and entrusted with the task of civilian aviation safety.  Originally begun on July 15, 2002, it became fully functional and took over the responsibilities of the Joint Aviation Authorities by 2008.  Based in Cologne, Germany, EASA includes among its responsibilities analysis and research of safety.  It is responsible for authorizing foreign operators and implementing safety rules.  As part of its duties in monitoring safety regulations, it is also authorized to conduct regular inspections in member states.  The EU relies on it for drafting of its legislation.  EASA certification USA is important for aircraft and component manufacturers as well as those involved in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of aircraft related products.


EASA Certifying Aircraft Personnel And Products


EASA has joined up with Single European Sky II and is now charged with certifying Functional Airspace Blocks.  The EASA has been given legal regulatory authority through regulations through the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament, and European Commission.  EASA certification USA is also essential for all personnel involved in aircraft maintenance certifying.  Likewise aircraft repair companies also have to follow a set of procedures to be approved by them.  The airworthiness of aircrafts has to be approved by them.  Aircraft design companies and those involved in training personnel for aircraft maintenance also require to be certified by them.


Monitoring Air Safety With EASA USA


EASA also provides annual reviews of aviation safety not only in Europe but also worldwide.  This is not only for commercial air transports but also for helicopters, gliders, and private aircrafts.  It takes the initiative to implement cost effective plans to enhance the safety of all passengers.  It formulates accident investigation safety recommendations based on the information on air accidents and serious malfunction of aircraft collected from the International Civil Aviation Organization.  It also issues Permit to Fly certificate when an aircraft fails to meet criteria for airworthiness but is nevertheless able to fly safely.  EASA certification USA also encompasses all aircrafts and aircraft related products approved by their own countries before the establishment of EASA through a process called grandfathered approval. 


Training Pilots At International Flight Schools


The international flight schools offer a number of courses including preliminary certifications and international regulations and standards certifications.  This makes the pilot well versed in all the rules followed in different parts of the world.  This ensures that pilots are able to fly their aircrafts safely without harming self, the passengers, or other aircrafts in the vicinity.  Most flying schools will award you with a private pilot license after you go through their specific programs.  However prospective pilots would do well to collect additional information on all important aspects of flying from the staff at flying schools before they actually commence flying.

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