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Best Known Natural Home Remedies For Jaw Pain

by nixpolking

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Jaw pain that is due to strained jaw muscles or a specific condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) could cause great misery to the person experiencing it. Suffering from specific and intrinsic type of pain as a part of a chronic health condition could be easily cured with home remedies for jaw pain in the initial stages.

The first home remedies for jaw pain requires finding the reason for the jaw pain with close observation of the your activities and food habits. It is found that eating certain foods or doing some activities could initiate a jaw ache, and they could be hard foods and those requiring a lot of chewing. It is also found that some experience discomfort and pain when opening the mouth too wide or yawning or taking big bites of food. Prevention of these activities and types of foods could help get over jaw pain.

It is best to make use of home remedies for jaw pain that involves consumption of vitamin C rich foods and supplements. This includes taking citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemon, and lime with abundance of easily chewable green leafy vegetables. Vitamin C greatly helps in the effective and efficient healing process of jaws. It is true that liberal amounts of Vitamin C could help you keep a doctor away from curing your jaw pain.

It is to be realized that sometimes jaw pain could be due to the excess tension on the jaws, with home remedies for jaw pain resting in massaging the jaws so as to relax them. Vibrating massage techniques could help relax and loosen the muscles in the painful jaw, with hand massage with gentle but firm movements helping relieve jaw pain.

Lifestyle changes could cause stress and injury to the jaw, so home remedies for jaw pain could rest on developing a relaxed attitude. Deep breathing exercises, yoga and meditation could help feel better and relaxed and relieve jaw pain. Diet changes like more of soft and gentle foods that do not need much chewing would help as also abstaining or reducing consumption of caffeine.

It is significant to note that the instant relief to jaw pain in case of injuries lies in home remedies for jaw pain that requires the use of ice. This perfect remedy at home would involve the application of ice immediately to the site of injury that would help not just relieve jaw pain, but also bring down the swelling.

Alternatively in case long term jaw pain home remedies for jaw pain that are effective involve alternating hot and cold compresses. This can be easily done with frozen vegetables or an ice pack wrapped in a washcloth applied in the jaw for about 10 minutes every hour. Hot compresses applied in between for about 20 minutes at a time not only relax jaw muscles, but also increase blood circulation to the area. However make sure to not use hot water that could cause scalding.

Have you been able to help yourself and others with these home remedies for jaw pain?

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