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The Choice of Entering the Abortion Clinic

by jonesmichelle08

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Why do women choose to enter an abortion clinic rather than a maternity clinic? If you are still not aware about the current statistics of women in the country, you should know that there are various factors that affect a woman’s choice. You should also know that this is not only about financial issues. Sometimes, their decision to undergo abortion is through peer pressure or even psychological issues. By psychological, I do not mean to imply that some women turn insane that is why they choose abortion. What I am trying to say is that these women may have certain prejudices or experiences that led them to choose this over naturally bringing up a child.

What can we do, eh? Can we blame the abortion clinic for promoting abortion as a very viable and attainable option for family planning and self-preservation? Can we blame the woman for not taking the much needed precaution? Can we blame the government for allowing abortion to be legal? No. We can’t really blame anyone now, can we. We can’t blame the circumstances that happened because what use is the blaming when the problem is already there? What we can really do now is to look for solutions to the said problem.

Now, if abortion is really a bad choice, then why do some women keep on choosing that option year after year after year? That statistic is something to be considered, right? Because we can’t use the “pointing fingers” as a very helpful option here, I believe that looking for someone or something to blame is totally out of the picture. Actually, all we can really do is to find possible solutions to this problem. The decision--well, it all boils down to the woman involved. It is either she commands her feet to go to a maternity clinic or to an abortion clinic.

You know, that is the thing that I love most in our country--choice. The society lays out options for the individual, and the individual has the freedom in whatever choice he or she wants to have. Some of us have this mentality that we only have limited choices. But really, the options laid out in front of us are infinite. The possibilities are endless. The only difference among people is not choice but the guts to act on the choices that they have made. Very few have the gumption to go out and execute their choices.

I was not joking when I said that an individual’s choices are limitless. However, a person must know and understand that there are good and bad choices. That is why there are the Constitution and the government to remind us about what is good and what is bad. However, when we view the existentialist’s point of view, any person is free to make his or her own choice. We all know that good and evil are always at war, especially when it comes to an individual’s morality. The issue of identifying good from bad is really based on an individual’s morality. When a woman believes that an appointment at an abortion clinic is the best choice for her, we can’t just march out and accuse her of being evil or immoral. That’s her personal choice. We have to respect her own brand of good versus evil.

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