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Mardy Eger Wisdom will forever Impact Lives

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Mardy Eger has climbed up the rough side of a major mountain called life.  Can you imagine, losing your entire family at the tender age of 9 or 10 years of age?  Can you imagine living in fear each and every day of your life as a child? Can you imagine being abused physically and mentally as a child, Can you imagine feeling trapped in misery  each and every day and feeling like you are in a bad dream every day you wake up, can you imagine as a child feeling unloved, hated, feeling worthless, told you will never be anything or any body, and that you are a loser? 

Well this is the way of life of the young Mardy Eger, after life hit him with an unimaginable blow.

This is not the ideal world for a 8, 9, or 10 year old, its not the life for any one really.   His life spiraled out of control as a teenager to finally after years settling down for a new  level of issues, that almost cost Mardy his life. 

Through it all Mardy Eger’s life of inspiration was created, it all can be heard as you listen to him speak and shares wisdom on how to survive, how to think your way to your next level, how to speak your way to destiny, and how to use all that life has given you and create something beautiful from it.

His book No Excuse For Failure taps on the door of a lot of these principles that were life changing for him, and has captivated thousands worldwide.

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