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Making a Memorable Impression with Collage Photo Blanket

by ElizabethJ

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Sometimes this is hard to gift people you care about. Of course, this is easier when you are dealing with someone who is really vocal about what they want, but you don’t always get lucky like that. The best gifts are those that actually mean something to people, which is why these great photo gift ideas will ensure that your recipient cherishes your good intensions and relationship for years to come.

Now one of the coolest photo gift ideas is collage photo blanket. People love seeing their beautiful memories displayed on a wide blanket that covers the event and experiences they really value all at once. The only problem is that collages often go against the flow of décor people like, especially if they are prone to changing things around every few months.

Now a collage photo blanket can be created using a handful of pictures or using several dozen pictures. Actually the total numbers of pictures that will work best for you design will depend on the item you intend to add it to as well as the size of the item you choose.

Photo blankets can be simple and elegant, featuring one vivid photo in full color or black and white. Your blanket could also be double sided and showcase a photo on each side. For instance, you could give someone a memory blanket as a birthday gift that shows a current portrait on the front and a baby photo on the back. If you want to have even more fun, you can give them a photo collage blanket with many photos arranged in a particular pattern and order. A photo collage can tell the story of a particular time, event or place convey a certain mood or can be centered on a theme.

Now the possibilities internet in creating a personalized photo blanket using a group of photos is endless. As an anniversary gift for your significant other, you can tell the story of your relationship by creating a blanket with photos that span your time together. A photo gift for first Christmas gift or your wedding, as birthday present, you can give someone a photo blanket featuring photos of them throughout the years. As a high school graduation gift, you can create a photo memory blanket showing pictures of family and friends, as well as the graduate’s home to give them something to reflect on as they embark on their journey.

A personalized blanket is a unique gift, in that it is emotionally meaningful as well as physically comforting. It allows the recipient to literally wrap themselves in the warmth and comfort of a memory. If you know someone who is in the hospital, has lost a loved one, or is otherwise not feeling well, then a photo blanket as a welcome respite from their difficulties and a way to show them your thinking of them.

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