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Williams Storage Services: Put Your Data in the Cloud

by rubybadcoe

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Cloud storage is definitely one of the biggest buzzwords as of late, especially now that Google and Samsung released the Chromebook, a new computer that offers 100 gygabyte (GB) of cloud storage for free. More than that, cloud storage services are fast becoming a necessity for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Even larger businesses have become aware of its benefits, as it offers an alternative to the maintenance and addition of in-house storage facilities.
Perhaps a few unanswered questions keep you from signing up with a cloud storage service provider like Williams Storage Services, like: Is it secure? How will it work for SMEs? How much will it cost? The information below aims to provide answers to your most pressing questions about the cloud.

Cloud storage explained

Basically, cloud storage is just data storage service made available through a network. With it, you can backup your most important files and retrieve them whenever necessary. Cloud storage is an ideal disaster recovery solution that allows users to store data away from their company's geographic location.

Cloud security

To ensure cloud security, most systems use a combination of techniques, including encryption, authentication, and authorization. These techniques can effectively limit the possibility of data theft or corruption. The most reliable cloud storage companies—like Williams Storage Services—invest a lot of money in reliability and security measures to let customers know that their services are worth the time and money.

Cloud storage for SMEs

Cloud storage can be very easy to setup and even easier to maintain, and this is what makes it convenient for SME use. Most of the requirements needed for file storage—such as space, manpower, and equipment—become someone else's responsibility since data is stored off-site. Also, cloud storage systems are typically scalable, so as your business grows, you can simply buy additional storage space.


Cloud storage providers will tell you the cost per GB of storage up front so you can determine how much the service will cost you per month. Aside from this basic cost, you may also need to pay extra for data transfers, copying and deleting files, and meta data functions. For a comprehensive description of how cloud storage works, visit

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