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Top 3 Features of a Good Talent Manager Like Russ Herriott

by shanamillikan

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If you've tried looking for an extraordinary talent manager like Russ Herriott in the past, you understand that the task is no laughing matter. Typically, a manager picks you, and not the other way around. However, in the rare instance that more than one talent manager is interested in looking after your career, there are a few things to watch out for when choosing amongst them.


One important quality in a talent manager is the level of influence he has. A powerful manager has a lot of pull, keeps good industry relationships, and handles a host of in-demand clients. Essentially, you will be managed by a person whose name and company logo carries a specific level of stature and power, but achieving this takes time, usually years, so keep your head held high and hang in there.


After your interview with a talent manager, you should already have an overall vibe from him and his workplace. Is he excited about you? Does he come off as somebody who's willing to fight for your greatest interest? Is the office space well-organized? You don't want to team up with a talent manager whom you don't have chemistry with.

Combining of minds

You and your talent manager need to be on the same page from the first day. If you wish to be associated with wholesome projects and your manager sends you to audition for "dark" roles, then something is wrong. Go over with a talent manager the projects you want to be part of and how you want your career to progress before you make a deal with him.

Don't feel stressed if you don't find a talent manager in your early attempts; it takes some time to get the proper one. Stick to your guns, resubmit your headshot and resume after three months, and continuously pursue an invaluable personal referral. Keep in mind that your dream to become an actor includes years of personal and financial sacrifices. If you have the ability, your hard work will at some point pay off.

Industry fact: 95 percent of artists are jobless. That's what makes having the talent and a good talent manager like Russ Herriott of SEI Sports and Entertainment International behind your back all the more crucial. To help you select the ideal talent manager, browse through

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