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Making a Layout in One day:

by gramsmith

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Making a layout of a book or a magazine is difficult. In addition, when you have to make that layout in just one day – that is crap, literary crap. I am going to tell you about my own experience… I was told by my Lecturer to make the layout of the magazine in three days, after one day she changed her status and said to make that layout in one day alone. You can relate what I had experienced. Because of the hasty decision of our lecturer, a big blunder came in while publishing. So, I will be telling here some of the steps that can help you when a hasty decision is taken by your senior and you had to provide the whole concept in one day! Just like me.

  1. 1.Avoid hasty decisions if you can!

As I said above, hasty decisions are not taken they just are decided, and that is what we call ‘hasty’. Still, if you can convince someone about certain issue, try to tell him or her that the hasty decision will have problems in the long term.

  1. 2. Haste or not, keep it clean:

What I did wrong was to skip the ‘recheck’. In addition, because of that the whole magazine had a negative aspect in the end. However, that can be taken care off with the right procedure that I am telling below.

Always, and I repeat always recheck your document that you are going to be published. Because once it is published, it will have a negative aspect on the people.

  1. 3. Make It on a software that you are acquainted with:

Okay, a hasty decision is bad, but worse is that, the designer does not know the software. Moreover, that doubles the problem as well. Therefore, it is better to make the project on a program that you are acquainted with.

  1. 4. Control the circumstances:

It is you, who have the final decision power, remember! So, if anything goes wrong and you end up doing something wrong then keep the decision power with yourself. Moreover, if something wrong has happened than do fix it so that others become happy with your job.

These were just some of the points, which, if kept in consideration can help a lot in making you controlling the circumstances, avoiding hasty decisions and correcting mistakes.

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