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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Web Proxy Server

by AgnesSweas1971

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People may wish to use a proxy server for a variety of reasons. A proxy server works as a relay to take your request to access a certain web site or destination and carries it over to the destination. You made the initial request but the proxy server handles the relay for you. Once the request gets to the destination, that site only sees the IP address of the proxy, not yours as the requester. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using a proxy server when you surf the web.

Advantages of Using a Proxy Server

One big advantage of using a proxy server is that your identity is kept hidden. Internet sites are constantly keeping reports of visitors so they can use this data to see who is visiting their site and which company they are coming from. They do this by tracking your IP address. Your IP address tells the destination site who you are and where you live. If you want to visit a website anonymously, use a proxy server. The proxy will hide your identity and only the IP address of the proxy will show up at the destination site.

Another advantage of using a proxy server is that you can get around firewalls or other blocks that an organization might implement. You may work for an organization that puts blocks on certain sites. But you may find that you need to access these sites to do your job. When that happens, you can use a proxy to visit the blocked sites. The request for a certain page is rerouted through the proxy server so it looks like you are just accessing the proxy itself and not the blocked site.

A final advantage of using a proxy is that you can access sites that are normally blocked in other countries. You may have a loved one in another country with whom you want to communicate or you may want to read various newspapers in other countries. People in war-torn countries may want information to get out of the country and be made known to others to get help for their cause. You may want to visit auction sites or buy goods from other countries. If so, you can use a proxy server to access these sites.

Disadvantages of Using a Proxy Server

Some of the disadvantages of using a proxy include the fact that some organizations are becoming savvy to employees using a Web Proxy and are blocking those sites. Another disadvantage is that your IP address may not be totally anonymous. You may need to use an elite proxy for this to occur and you may not know to use one. You can be sending data packets with your request that include cookies that show you do not have the same address as the proxy server. Finally, using a proxy can cause more problems to the user. It is important to use a premier proxy server to ensure you are not at risk for potential problems.


There are advantages and disadvantages of using a Web Proxy otherwise known as a SSL Proxy, Unblock Proxy, Free Proxy or Proxy Servers.

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