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All You Need to Know About Site Management Safety Training

by AdrianScott

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SMSTS is acronym for site management safety training scheme a highly recommended and acclaimed training program for people working in construction industry. This training program is must for all people working in construction industry. This (SMSTS) is not the only program for people serving in this industry there are several other programs like fire safety awareness training,abrasive wheel trainingand cscs courses that one can undertake along with this program. 




In general the time duration for all basic and advance smsts training courses is one week and the courses are aimed to educate people that are part of construction industries hierarchy. Site manager, agents, staff and work force mostly referred to as labor are the most important people in construction industries hierarchy. The motto of this course to provide an in depth knowledge about construction industry, social and legal aspects that you may encounter in your day to day work environment and teaching skills to help you to present your work in front of delegates. In a year on an average around ten thousand people enroll for such kind of programs in UK alone. People come from distinctive fields of construction industry from site managers to onsite workers all want to attend such kind of programs. The managerial people attend smsts training courses to brush up their skills while the people serving at the bottom undertake such programs to move on to next level in their career.




According to 2007’s construction design and management regulation the employers have to ensure that their employees have completed such courses and they meet all health and safety issues.




The curriculum of course touches all the aspects that affect day to day issues concerned with people working in construction industry. The most important once are discussed below:-      

    • Implementation of all heath, social and environmental factors that directly or indirectly affect people during their work.


    • Implementation of socio and latest technical trends.


    • Building of mutual trust between higher and lower level.


    • Building of safe, safer and safest work environment.



Enrolment to this course is simple just fill up a cscs application form and submit it at your nearest center. The entire course is divided into three modules and all three modules have an exercise file associated with it to check the ability of candidate. On successful completion of course candidates are awarded with a certificate that is valid for next five years. Some people misinterpretation this course and mingle it with site supervisor’s safety training scheme course that is a two day course. Both these course though co-related but are bit different.


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