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Amenities in an Apartment in Paris- A Checklist

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Paris short-term rental is one of the best ways for you to experience living in the City of Lights with fewer costs. A vacation rental in an apartment will save a considerable amount of money which you can use to make your Parisian vacation more memorable. However, before you sign a deal for a Paris short term rental, you have to make sure that the apartment has all that you need in a temporary residence. To help you with that, here is a checklist of the amenities a vacation rental should have:

• Security

Your apartment in Paris will be your home away from home. It is imperative to ensure that your place of stay is safe and away from possible dangers. To ensure that you will be staying in a safe place, use your observation skills. Note if the apartment has enough protective facilities like a gate which only residents can open, an alarm, CCTVs, and emergency phones. Also, ask the landlord if there is a guard on duty 24/7. Another thing is to ask your neighbors or the people who live nearby if the area is generally safe or not. Make sure that you have all important contact details that you will need: the contact for the police, firemen, and other similar agencies.

• Proximity to Transportation Facilities and City’s Attractions

The ideal Paris short term rental place should be near train stations and the city’s attractions. As a tourist, is will be easier for you to stay in an apartment which is near to the places where you want to go to minimize your risk of being lost in the great city. Also, if you have easy access to cheap transportation facilities like train stations, it will be simpler and more affordable for you to go around the city than when you explore Paris riding an expensive cab.

• Insurance

Look for vacation rentals in Paris which can provide you with the utmost insurance for your safety and belongings. There are some apartment rentals who offer insurance in case some of your belongings will be lost or damaged during your stay. In the context of insurance, you should also discuss with the landlord who pays if something in the apartment breaks or is in need of a repair. Choose an apartment whose landlord is more than willing to cover repair costs or charge you a considerable amount for it. If the discussion for maintenance or repair costs does not come up during your talk with the landlord, then it is a sign that he has no intention of maintaining his property in the proper way.

• Common Household Items

Lastly, to make your trip more convenient, your Paris short term rental apartment should have basic household items like a washing machine, microwave oven, a fully functional kitchen, spare mattresses, cabinets, etc. Inspect if the vacation rental has all that you need. It is always helpful to ask the landlord if they have something that you do need but is not in the apartment. Most of the time, the household items that comes in an apartment room are in storage. Once the apartment room is rented, the household items will be cleaned and delivered to the occupants so they can use them.

Paris short term rentals are an affordable option that you should take advantage of. However, before leaping at the very first apartment that you see, make sure that you will get your money’s worth. After all, your vacation’s quality is heavily dependent on how satisfied you are about your apartment in Paris.

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