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A Beginners Guide to HYIP – its advantages and disadvantages

by anonymous

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HYIP or High Yield Investment Program is a well thought out and intricate investment plan that is being touted as a savior for recession hit masses. Though it carries some amount of risks yet a good HYIP program carries significant amount of profits in the form of huge interest rates that could start at anything from 5-10% to even a mind boggling 150%.

Such huge interest rates are the primary attractions of any HYIP program and this has effectively maintained considerable interests in it. It is also helpful to know that an investor can invest any sum of money however insignificant in such programs and earn handsome interests. But with all its advantages, every HYIP program suffers from disadvantages too which can cause as much harm as its advantages can cause profits. The internet is rife with hundreds, maybe thousands of fake HYIP sites which are nothing but money laundering schemes and finding a sincere site could depend on plain old- fashioned luck. But a thorough research could also be instrumental in discovering some amount of luck that is to say, a real HYIP site. Most of the HYIPs sites that are looking to dupe have some key features that more often than not tend to get repeated across the web.

A haphazard or poorly designed interface, lack of proper security certificates, void links and impossible interest rates whose best example I have seen is one site offering a return of 895% interests per month! Even a fool can recognize the bogus promise. Stay far far way from such sites which will most probably disappear with your money. If you are an investor then start your search by checking out the Hyip design and the certificates attached. Even if you are not satisfied with the quality then the plan that most smart investors use would be to ‘never put all your eggs in one basket’. It means one should never invest all his money in one scheme, instead invest a small amount in a variety of HYIP schemes so that if one turns out to be a fake, the loss won’t be too monumental.

A good HYIP design along with an informative Hyip template could serve as a great guard against selection of fraud sites. If the HYIP market attracts you sincerely then the internet also has the best supply of HYIP designs to help in creating a professional page. Check out the gallery of HYIP templates here.

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