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Perform Access repair for corrupt Access 2000 file

by larendaniel

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MS-Access file in itself, stores different database objects, such as tables, forms, queries, modules, stored procedure, macros, etc. It is possible to import Access objects or Access file to various MS-Office applications like, MS-Excel, MS-Word, etc. But at times, Access database objects show problems while importing them. This behavior occurs because of corruption. Corruption knocks Access application because of many reasons. These reasons may be, human errors, unexpected system shutdown, malicious virus, power failures, and more. Well, by some appropriate methods problem of corruption can be solved with the help of Access database repair software.

Let's consider a scenario. Suppose, you make an attempt to open a MS-Access 2000 database. Your try to open it, simply fails and you receive a nasty error message that appears to be like this:   

“Unexpected error 35012”

Let's find out the issue and the solution.

The primary cause for the occurrence of above error message is that presence of one or more corrupt Microsoft Access objects, such as forms, tables, in Access database.

For solving above error message, or to carry out Access repair. You have to do the following steps:

1. Create a new database of MS-Access.
2.Then, go to File >> Get External Data >> Import. This steps is for importing all the corrupt Access database objects, such as (tables, queries, forms, modules, reports, and macros) to the new database.
3.If you still receive the above stated error message while performing the import process of particular database object, then it is advised to repeat step 2, but do not include that object. You can restore that object from a latest backup.

It might be possible that you fail to solve the issue by above method or because of backup unavailability. Therefore in such situations, it is advised to go for a third party Access database repair software. With the aid of third party tools, you can easily repair Access file. Doing repair by these tools, you need not to have sound technical skills.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery tool when executed performs the Access repair without affecting the original database. It recovers all the Access database objects, such as forms, tables, macros, reports, queries, etc. Additionally, VBA code for reports gets recovered. The tool also recovers password protected VBA code for MS-Access forms and modules. Designed for MS Access 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. It works well with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000.

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