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Study in Suriname: Discover South American Academic Opportun

by studyabroad

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American land is home to great opportunities hence providing greener pastures to many. This holds true even to the smallest independent South American country known as Suriname. Ironically, its small territorial area happens to be an interesting repository of historical and cultural riches that merit further studies and inquiries to better understand the prevalent culture in the region. Consequently, it further holds many different academic opportunities featuring competent universities that can provide expertise in an array of disciplines. Furthermore, national government is supportive of educational pursuits not to mention its hospitable accommodation of academic tourists.

Cultural Immersion Demand

Suriname has an interesting history and culture considering its dynamic past. As a matter of fact, it has endured centuries of colonialism since the 16th century from European empires such as England, France, Spain, and Netherlands. As a result, the society is characterized by the interplay of foreign and ethnic ways of life. Meaning, westerners can expect thorough cultural immersion considering the influences from the West brought about by the long period of colonization. Another favourable concern is the fact that most of Suriname folks are multi-lingual. Apart from the native language Sranan Tongo, some other languages spoken in the country are Dutch (official national language), English, Javanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish.

National Academic Niche

Promotion of early literacy is a remarkable highlight of Suriname education. Compulsory education is being implemented until the age of twelve. Primary enrolment rate in 2004 recorded 94% rate supported by institutions founded by the State and the Church. More often than not, schools are established via efforts exerted either by the government or the Christian Church. Educational institutions funded by these entities are commonly confined to preparatory, elementary, and secondary schooling. Attributed to the concerted governmental and nongovernmental initiatives, adult literacy rate escalated to 90%. Not just that for classroom instructions are likewise delivered in varying languages since most of Surinam people are multi-lingual.

Accessible Educational Institutions

Although there is only one university found in Suriname, it is nonetheless competent in offering extensive academic programs in various fields of study. In particular, Anton De Kom University of Suriname happens to be the sole university in the country. Moreover, this academic institution has been founded in the late 20th century named after the anti-colonialist Anton De Kom. In the same way, it holds five research centres such as Biomedical Institute Research, Centre for Agricultural Research in Suriname, Institute for Applied Technology, Institute for Development Planning and Management, and Institute for Social Science and Research not to mention the Library Anton De Kom University of Suriname. Some other prominent schools include AlphaMax Academy, Christian Liberty Academy, and International Academy of Suriname.

Academic Curricula Variety

There are various accessible curricula in the country. As a matter of fact, the academic circle features a selection of many different course programs. For instance, Anton de Kom University of Suriname takes pride of its premier faculty roll such as medical sciences (medicine and physiotherapy), social sciences (Business Management, Economics, Law, Public Administration, and Sociology), and technological sciences (Agricultural and Mineral Production and Engineering and Infrastructure.). It only goes to show that there are various academic options as well as career opportunities in store for the new generation of intellectuals on this developing country.

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