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Power adapter failure analysis using the recommended

by onlvyy

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Whether the voltage output of the power adapter failure, incorrect output, poor contact, shell cracking, leading to laptop adapter shop power adapter failure the following categories: power environment does not meet the requirements, physical damage, incorrect use, and other environmental adverse


The power environment does not meet the requirements: unstable power supply guide inside the Dell PA-12 power adapter switching transformer components often subjected to the impact of failure, resulting in no output power or output incorrect power adapter can be adapted to a certain voltage range, but often fluctuate power environment, the voltage adapter can also cause varying degrees of damage; does not meet the requirements of the power supply will not only damage the power adapter itself, but also cause damage to other parts of the laptop.

Physical damage: many power adapter failure is the power adapter is often dropped or bumped due for notebook power adapter, are most vulnerable parts of neglect, this collision will not only cause the shell to crack, and sometimes there is no obvious damage in appearance the case, the internal components have been hurt; components due to collision-induced displacement or pin loose, resulting in functional failure of the Toshiba PA3714U-1ACA power adapter, power adapter soon after powering on or in use burned.

Use is not correct: notebook cable smaller, often stuck or caught in the cracks in the tables and chairs, if the gap is too small, with the passage of time will lead to the cable damaged or in the case of the appearance of non-destructive internal short circuit, open circuit ; when not in use or move the computer, often the power adapter body and cable entwined incorrect winding way, will lead to the Sony VGP-AC19V19 power adapter cable with the adapter body occupies a position this paragraph damaged, cause visible damage, short circuit, there is no significant change in appearance, and internal short circuit, open circuit; these reasons lead to power adapter failure, the severe burning power adapter; Some use a fixed environment or have more than one power adapter users, power adapter plugged in, disconnecting the power for a long time, it is neither conducive to environmental protection, will also affect the life of the power adapter.

Other adverse environment: high temperatures or humidity (especially some of the ground of the room more humid) environment using the power adapter, the internal device will overheat and malfunction or moisture short-circuit, resulting in power adapter disabled, burned.

Suggested Use:

Do not use the power adapter to the notebook computer power supply (can be battery-powered) in the case of an unstable power environment. In addition, after finished using laptop, in addition to the normal to the laptop battery charging, disconnect the power adapter and the mains connection, so that environmental protection is also conducive to the protection of the Lenovo ADP-90RH B power adapter. Not using a laptop during the night, the night power supply voltage is usually higher than the supply voltage during the day, potentially damage the power adapter.

Move or do not use the Liteon PA-1650-02 power adapter, cable and power adapter sequence should be stacked together, and then fixed in the power adapter at both ends of the main body, the length should grow 4-6 cm each is appropriate, too short or the power cable wrapped around the power adapter on the body, in fact, the damage to the power adapter.

Using a power adapter, do not often be placed on the ground as much as possible the power adapter on the table; power adapter should be cherished, do not often subject them to shock, especially in the the power adapter hotter or lower temperature case should attention.

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