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You Get the Error Message While Downloading the ZIP File

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A ZIP file contains more than one files that are compressed for easy transfer through network and for efficient storage. However, many times it has been marked that you receive error messages while accessing the ZIP file, leading to data loss. In such cases, if you have a backup of your individual files, you can recover those files from the backup. But in case you have no updated backup, you need to recover the files by using ZIP repair software.

One such case of data loss usually occurs while downloading a ZIP file from a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Document library. When you open the downloaded file, you receive an error message that reads:

"Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading the file again."

And, the same error message appears again and again.

To know the cause of the above error message, go to the SharePoint virtual server and check for the Web Site properties of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). If the HTTP compression has been turned on, you receive the above error message. This is because, when you download the file, the IIS is encoding the file as GZIP (GNU ZIP).

Change the MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) type for the ZIP file from application/x-zip-compressed to the application/oclet-stream in order to resolve the problem discussed above. To make the change, perform the following procedures:

  • Click Start> Administrative Tools> Internet Information Services (IIS) manger
  • Right click on the server (local computer) tree which has name as your IIS server. Click on Properties
  • Click on MIME Types
  • Find the Zip entry from the registered MIME type list
  • Click Edit after you click application/x-zip-compressed entry
  • Change the type value of MIME to application/octet-stream
  • In order to make the change to the MIME type effective, restart the IIS Admin Service

The above steps would help you to overcome the problem, but if you still face the problem, you may conclude that your file is corrupt or damaged and all your data are lost. In order to repair and restore the data from the corrupt ZIP file, you need a Zip repair software. Such a software Repair ZIP File and thereby restores the corrupt file to the original healthy form.

ZIP Recovery Software is one such tool that repairs corrupt ZIP files from any situation of ZIP file corruption. The software repairs and restores all types of ZIP files, which are not password protected, for Win ZIP 5.0 to Win ZIP 12.1.

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