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Basics with Army Clothing Fashion

by zelliwillshon

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The military fashion designs are back to make its mark on
this year's season. Carrying the banner are the army apparel such as army
t-shirts, army sweatshirts and army girlfriend clothing. Yes, you have marked
right. Army girlfriend clothing is now the in thing for women who want to show
support to their boyfriend and say how proud they are of them. Yes, army
clothing is definitely back and bigger than ever this summer.

Wondering why you keep seeing that army green color again on
the streets? Check your closet to see if the military greens and browns you
have stashed behind that row of dresses and jeans are still there. Read on and
learn that army clothing is now experiencing a revival in the fashion industry.

Right now, the thing with army clothing is pairing it up,
the green and khaki colors with bold accents such as animal prints. Also
complimenting the military clothing khaki colors are white and bold red/pink,
this years IT colors for the summer. This would go well with the very natural
look fashion designers and makeup artists are raving about this season.

With the abundance of military
surplus clothing stores
and military clothing stores, you can get any army
clothing you want no matter the shape, size or amount of budget you have for
it. The most popular picks for this season are the army style jackets. Some
cute versions of this jacket sport a gorgeous soft pink camouflage look for the
ladies and for the gentlemen, a military cut double-breasted jacket with
intricate button detailing down the front. There are even wonderful button tabs
on the collar and sleeves. Pair this jacket with practical, comfortable and
sturdy military boots designed in a distressed leather look for the authentic
worn look. Khaki trousers and cargo pants also make a good pair with the

For an even more feminine take on army clothing, some
high-end fashion boutiques offer white and pink futuristic sleeveless slinky
pin tucked dresses. This type of dress gives a delightful feeling of freedom to
the wearer as it is made of the lightest and softest fabric. Some designers
have even incorporated silk for that stylish classy look. These dresses are
perfect for social gatherings be it during the day or night. Killer heels and
classy aviation jackets are the perfect accessories to make the evening rock.

Remember that when you start catching people's eyes with
that amazing fashion sense you have with regards to army clothing, you will
garner even more compliments if you have the right jewellery and bags to go
with that killer look. You can take note from various celebrity styles and mix
and match pieces to suit your own taste. You have to remember that getting these
items you would feel proud and so much style than before.

You can also log-on to-: for further
information about these stores. When it comes to your military equipments, you
should enjoy nothing but the best.






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