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Asking people on dates isn't easy break the ice now

by anonymous

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Are you one of those hopeless romantics going on date after date and see little to no results? Why not let them come to you and let nature take it's course.

See here's the deal, Millions of people each day has romantic feelings eating them up inside and millions of people often look and check out one another each day and wishing they can have you and most people don't even know someone admires them until it's to late.

Most people are afraid to ask another person in public on a date It's just human nature and besides you don't want to come up to a stranger and freak them out by telling them how cute he or she is right? You don't want to creep anyone out and scare them away.

But how do you know the other person isn't into you? This happens all the time where you wish you had talked to this person and ask them on a date but you never get to see this person again and now your kicking yourself in the rear wishing you did.

Well lucky for you there is a magical place where people who missed there chance with that person you saw in public that you just can't get out of your head and that place is, This is your gateway to post and view missed connection personals and your chance of finding that missed connection is a site away.

I think the best relationships and dating start by meeting someone in public not the online dating thing.

Here is how it works:

1) Select the nearest area to you.

2)Select "post ad" to post a ad.

3)Then describe when and where you lost your crush or explain your missed connection.

This could be: Someone you met in public.

Lost classmate crush.

A friend you have a crush on.

Long Lost Crush.

Someone you went on a date with but lost contact with them.

Sara Beekman

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