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Reasons to Choose Online Platform for Creating Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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Online portfolios are a must. Either if you are a graphic designer or a photographer. These days all those books of photos and designs bound by wire are over. Clients tend to judge you by your online presence. Therefore a stunning, yet professional looking portfolio is a must.
There are a lot of ways you can publish your portfolio. Either you design it by yourself, or hire a professional web designer to design it for you. Or you can use an online platform to create a portfolio.

If you design the portfolio by yourself, that is code the website from top to bottom, then you probably have a good chance to screw up. As a newbie, you will make a lot of mistakes and your online portfolio will be filled with script errors and bugs. You do not want to scrutinize the level of impression of your portfolio. Do you? A solution to this problem is hiring a professional web designer. A professional web designer is expert and experienced in these things and the chances are that he will create the design that was in your mind, and add some more of his mixtures to make the designs look professional and more functional. To get all these incredible features from a web designer, you need to pay big bucks. They are pretty expensive, and the more experienced the designer is, the more expensive the designs will get.

So hiring a web designer is expensive and coding it yourself is cheap but not worth doing. Is there a third option? Well think about blending both the first options together, and then sum up their advantages and eliminate their disadvantage. What do you get? That’s right – the third option. An online platform where you can design your portfolio. Here are some of the pros of using an online platform to create your website

1. It is comparatively cheaper
2. The platform has been developed by experienced developers
3. It is bug-free
4. There are new templates being added at regular interval
5. Better support
6. You can design your online portfolio in minutes.

Take a look at the first two advantages. The platform is designed by experienced developers. Before you had to pay big bucks to hire experienced developers. Now you can enjoy the work of the same designer in a small fraction of what you were meant to be giving.

The platform is bug free, the online website designing platform company needs to cross check the website for bugs and syntax over and over again before releasing any template. So the websites that you are using are totally bug-free, your clients can have a wonderful and uninterrupted time surfing your portfolio.

You do not need to pay so much of money to buy templates. Hundreds of templates are free and come built-in with the service. Their customer-care supports are always good. They are always prompt with their reply and many have forums rich with users who can keep you updated and help you get the best out of your designs.

Another wonderful thing about using online platforms is that you can design your website and it will be live in minutes. You can also set up custom domain without the hassle of registrar licenses and stuffs.

Using an online portfolio is what we call “value for the price you pay”. This is a package of everything you need to turn your prospective clients into your regular clients and sometimes many online platforms allow you to try their services for free of cost.

Pixpa lets you to create online portfolio website for photographers,artists and designers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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