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Effective Home Remedy for Acne Treatment Within a Few Days

by Walker291

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A lot of things have changed in the past few years, through which people can handle many illnesses and diseases in the best possible manner. All you need to do is judge the type of problem you have and then start a suitable treatment which will deliver the right results. Acne is one of those problems, which starts in the age of puberty and can have different symptoms all you need to do is choose the best remedy to get rid of acne. There are thousands of remedies and products out in the market, which can help you but you need to choose one which will help in the long run. First of all you need to assess the type of acne you are suffering from as there are three different grades of acne.

There is mild, moderate and severe type of acne, which need to be dealt with the help of a skin specialist. With the help of a dermatologist you need to choose a special Remedy to get rid of acne and any treatment which you can easily do at your home. Lanolin is one of the best Remedy to get rid of acne as it can help protect your skin from various factors. It is basically a mild type of wax which is produced by the sheep’s to protect their skin from external environmental factors. This wax can be easily obtained with the help of wool, which is taken from the sheep’s during a special season. You can use this wax with peanut oil and camphorated oil to get the best results. This mixture will help in getting rid of all of the scars which are caused due to acne. The treatment can be continued for many weeks as there are no side effects of this natural treatment. For mild scars it will take two to three months and for deep and dark scars it might take more than one year to completely get rid of the scars.

This treatment can be done for any other types of skin scars, also which are not showing improvement. It works in the same manner like the aloe Vera which helps in healing the skin from different external and internal problems. Castor oil is another Effective home remedy for acne, which you can easily do once or maximum twice a week. You can rub the pure castor oil on your skin and then apply it all over the affected areas. Leave the oil on the affected area for some minutes and then take steam and do not forget to cover your head with towel to get the best effects. Castor oil does not clog the skin pores like other oils; it actually helps in softening the pores and does not clog them at all. You can enchain the affect of this Effective home remedy for acne by applying some soda water mixture on your face and massage it with circular motions. Leave the mask on your skin for few minutes until it gets dry and then remove it with the help of Luke warm water. After this treatment you can apply little amount of lemon juice all over your face. It is also one of the most effective home remedy for acne.

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