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Why is everyone crazy about reality TV?

by anonymous

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Reality TV has taken root in our airwaves. You will find more a handful of reality shows airing on the major networks on any one night. American TV viewers and audiences all over the world have fallen in love with reality TV. But what is it that makes reality TV so appealing to audiences and TV stations? Reality TV can be defined as an unscripted television program in which events are captured as they happen although some shows do seem to be somewhat scripted. Nearly all reality TV shows offer a prize and competition for this prize lies at the heart of the shows. Reality shows are now edging out other forms of entertainment going by the wide fan bases they have acquired.


There is something in reality TV for the audiences, the producers and the participants. Participating in a TV show is a sure way to launch a career in the entertainment industry. Many of the participants in reality shows end up establishing acting, modeling, singing, and many other entertainment careers. For instance, some of the black female models who now have established modeling careers were once participants in reality shows such as Bad Girls Club. These black female models gained wide exposure while taking part in the show.


Television stations also love reality shows because they are comparatively cheaper to produce. A reality show costs much less money to produce as compared to other shows like sitcoms and soap operas because no professional actors are hired and if anything, thousands of eager participants compete for the opportunity to take part in the shows. Even those black female models who’ve emerged from reality shows were once very ordinary people. This is one of the reasons why televisions stations are filling the airwaves with reality shows.


Viewers love reality shows and this is why television stations are churning them out by the dozen. Viewers find so many things about reality shows appealing. One of these is the unscripted action that unfolds. Many people are now bored with the predictability of scripted programs like sitcoms and soap operas. Another thing that people love about reality shows is the drama and suspense. The drama begins at auditions, when crowds turn each person out to try his or her luck. The viewers then follow participants as they progress through the show, wondering who will be eliminated next and who will stay on. In some shows viewers are invited to cast votes for their favorite contestants.


Reality shows appeal to many people because they can relate to the participants. This is quite different from movies and soaps where professional actors that most people cannot relate to are involved. Women viewers, for example, see some aspects of themselves in the black female models taking part in shows like Bad Girls Club.


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