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Plasti Dip Fixes Paint Peeling of cars and other vehicles

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Television commercials advertise a can of plasti dip can make headlights and even a car’s interior look like new. But, are the ads compelling enough to make anyone curious to try coating an entire car in this plastic craft in a can?

The bigger question is does plastidip actually work? Alongside looking at reviews online and asking experts, the best way is to actually find out for yourself by trying it out.

What To Know Before Beginning

There should be no harm in doing one’s own experimenting. Here are some things to keep in mind before trying plastidip.
Start on small areas first. Practice on a light switch, piece of wood or other item you do not mind if it gets destroyed or does not come out looking perfect. Because plasti dip is a plastic coating in a can, essentially, it can be sprayed on too thick. If you plan to use this plastic craft to coat a car, spray on the first coat very thinly, so the original colour can be seen underneath. On the second and third coats, then spray thicker coats.

How Many Coats Of Plasti Dip Is Needed?

How thick should a coat of this plastidip be on a car if you plan to fix a paint job or simply want a new look? It should be thick enough that it doesn’t run, but it still has that glossy look.

Coating a big area? Buy several cans on this plastic craft in a can and rotate the cans so that one can is not used more than one or two minutes. This keeps a can from clogging and creating drips of plastidip.

Results Aren’t Permanent For Plasti Dip

Don’t like the result or colour of your car after finished? Plasti dip can be easily reversed.
This plastic coating easily peels off through power washing, sanding or by using mineral spirits to remove the coating. Only if you are certain you won’t be removing this pastic coating should you sand an area where you intend to coat in this finish.
This is because sanding permanently changes the area of the surface. However, it also ensures that this plastic coating will have a smoother finish.

What is Styrene used for?

The benefits of having things made from styrene is that it is an extremely light, strong and flexible material. As a result, styrene based products can be used to make toys, holders, containers and are also used as medical applications.  Styrene is a product that can be often be used as insulation too.  We may not realise it but styrene is a material that we often use in our ever day lives.

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