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Use iPhone LED Patterns To Create Special Effects

by xkglow

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Many car owners have seen the new iPhone LED illuminations systems. They would like to get the same look for their vehicles but are not sure how to go about doing so. They see a range of kits and want to choose the best ones for their cars. Doing a little research ahead of time is the best way to get the results you want.


The two things you want to decide beforehand is the flexibility of your color set and the coverage you want for your car. Companies offering iPhone LED bulb systems stock a range of kits and controls. They will also supply the app to install to your iPhone to bring the whole system together. The simplest kits contain single color LEDs. These will be the least expensive systems. Generally, you choose a single color to enhance the existing color scheme of your car, and go from there. Your iPhone app will be able to control the lights in an on/off fashion. More advanced lighting will let you control the level of the illumination. Still other advanced schemes will let you control individual strands. For instance, you can control the interior lighting and the undercarriage lighting independently.


On the other hand, iPhone LED lighting systems are not limited to a single color. Multi-color iPhone LED bulb systems can cycle through the colors of the rainbow with just a touch of your hand. Your iPhone will display the individual color choices and let you alter your vehicle illumination in any way you like. By combining colors and placement, all sorts of interesting and unusual illumination effects can be created.


When car owners first open their illumination kits, they may be a little surprised at what they see, particularly if they were expecting something along the lines of LED or traditional Christmas lights. LED emitters are actually very small, and in order to make it easy to work with them, they are often attached to lighting strips. As you add the strips, you should imagine that you are painting the car surroundings with lines of light. The light strands create an attractive ambient light distribution. It looks much more subtle than having a string of little spotlights. You should plan to have an LED strip or two along each major dimension of your car. Each will illuminate to a distance of several feet. You should buy as many strands as you need to fit the size of your car and the look you are striving to achieve. Your iPhone LED system distributer can provide kits for standard car sizes and looks.


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