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Witness the historic side of Dubai at the ‘Dubai Museum’

by kalpesh

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It is known for tourism. It is known for business. It is known for entertainment and leisure. It is Dubai! This is one place that is for numerous reasons. You will have the most alluring and exotic time during your vacation here. What makes the place all the more sought after is the fact now many companies and airlines have started offering package deals, where you can book tickets on any of the flights to Dubai and also book accommodation as a package deal. This has made the entire travel economical and fun. So get going!


The fact is that this part of Emirate has enough on its platter to allure and attract you each time you visit it. Its leisure options, recreational alternatives, bubbling nightlife and all will allure you. However, these holidays if you want to explore the other side of the place and are on a short visit, then, choose to visit the renowned Dubai Museum. Built in 1787, it is one of the oldest buildings in the city. This is the best place to visit, if you wish to soak in and understand the traditional way of living of the people here. It is a must visit place, if you wish to witness the momentous glance of the place. The museum very well exhibits the olden days and also, shows relics from Asian and African countries, which traded with Dubai.


This dwelling of the ancient times is the doorsill that experiences both the past and the present. Though this museum has undergone several renovations, yet it has successfully preserved its charisma; consequently has millions of vacationers and travelers thronging it every year. On your visit here, meet the pearl fishers who first settled the banks of the Creek, the desert Bedouins who roamed the heartland, and the date farmers who irrigated the land. You will also see representations of a busy souq, a mosque and inside a traditional home, revealing life in the Emirate before the coming of oil.


Along with all this, the city also lodges assorted compilation of artifacts and includes objects such as pottery, stone and metallic items, engravings and skeletons discovered. There is a remarkable exhibit of weapons including hanjars (curved daggers), swords, bows, arrows, and spears, shields of shagreen, axes and pistols. The people of the place have been art and music lover from ages and that is well displayed by the conventional Arab musical instruments that are exhibited here. That’s not it! The outside area of the museum is equally alluring as the inside area.


The outside area recreates a traditional desert house, with seating and sleeping area as well as a kitchen. The fact is that, this place has so much on its platter that you just cannot be done in a few hours. You will probably need a complete day to explore the complete beauty and splendor of the place. And, with so much offing, its time you book your tickets on any of the flights to Dubai with an aim to explore its other side!


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