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Display Energy Certificates

by energyprocurement

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Display Energy Certificate is compulsory requirement for any property which fulfils the criteria as under

  • it has a total floor area of over 1,000 square metres
  • it’s at least partially occupied by a public authority or an institution providing public services
  • it’s frequently visited by the public

Display energy certificates for public buildings have been madecompulsory bythe Energy Performance of Building Directive. They have high credibility and standards which rate the building through an Operational Rating, in which the buildings actual energy consumption is compared to a value which is ideal for that particular type of building.


Specifications of a Display certificate

  • It should be A3 in size and
  • It should be displayed in a place from where it is clearly visible to the public
  • It is valid for a period of 12 months.
  • A Display Energy Certificates with a valid Advisory Report must be in the possession or control of the building occupants. Recommendations to improve the energy performance of the building are given in the advisory report. It is has a 7 year validity.


Our Role

We have CIBSE accredited assessors who will provide important information with regards to the building and its systems followed by the recommendations to improve operations and maintenance of the buildings. The cost effective solutions will help you maximise your rate of return on investment. Our services are bespoke to your requirements. They can be stand alone or clubbed with other services to form a part of the integrated solution.


Energy Performance of Building Directive

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