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How do WriteRoom or Yojimbo Compare To NoteBook?

by anonymous

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For Mac users, there are many note taking apps to choose from, and they range from minimal note apps to comprehensive organizational apps. Here are a few of them.


WriteRoom Mac is a note taking app with a handful of features. The app goes full screen allowing for you to focus only on the words you are putting down. The downside to it is that you cannot attach any documents and the features offered are very slim. There are basic text editing features that allows for formatting of the font size and the alignment of the text. One unique feature of the application is that each time you open a writing window, it is saved as its very own session. There are also themes you can use to accessorize the look of your document. There is an iOS companion app also, which utilizes the Dropbox sharing file service to sync up your documents.


With the ability to sync with the iPhone, simple lists that are easily referable for notes, and full screen editing, it is a decent tool for the nitty and gritty of writing. This app is definitely designed more for the writers out there, than for general note taking or business note taking. The app is very basic and costs $9.99 for writers, but probably is not as effective or useful for any other industries or purposes.


Yojimbo Mac


If you are a Mac user seeking a management app, Yojimbo Mac may offer some basic functionality. Its dashboard window is split into 3 different panes- on the left side you have all the note categories. The bottom pane displays the entire selected note. The top pane lists the notes in the specific category you have selected. There are categories already set up for passwords, bookmarks, and archives, plus you can set up as many additional ones as necessary.


Circus Ponies NoteBook


While there are several apps that have many different features, the end-all solution is definitely NoteBook. This note taking and organizing app offers a full gamut of features that no other note taking app has to offer. If you want the ability to outline, sketch, take voice-annotated notes, manage tabular data, all within an intuitive "notebook" user interface, then NoteBook is the right app for you. Other apps are less expensive, but NoteBook offers you huge bang for your buck. Feature for feature, and dollar for dollar, NoteBook is the best deal.


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