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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gooseneck Trailer Adapter

by karimi

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Gooseneck trailer hitches are smaller than other trailer hitches but they have higher weight capacities. Adapters for the hitch increase the weight limit and they are readily available in the market. Using gooseneck trailer adapters has its disadvantages and advantages. The pros and cons have been listed below in detail.

Gooseneck trailer hitches help tow larger trailers. They can tow fifth wheel travel trailers, and livestock trailers. Standard trailer hitches used on heavy trailers take up all the towing truck bed space. Even when the trailer is not being used for towing, the hitch takes up all the space. This is because most of these hitch adapters are usually installed permanently. The gooseneck trailer hitch is small and hence takes up little space.  One can therefore use the rest of the truck bed.

Ability to maneuver.
Turning radius is altered when using fifth wheel hitches and standard trailer hitches. The driver is able to make tighter turns when using gooseneck trailer hitch adapters.  The driver has to be careful not to make turns incorrectly. The curb may be hit by the trailer if the driver tries to turn normally at a very sharp corner. The driver also has to make sure the weight is distributed evenly over the truck axle for stability.

Trailer hitch adapters reduce load that can be towed safely since they are heavy. Their weight adds to the overall truck weight. The gooseneck trailer adapter is small and hence weighs less than other adapters. A truck installed with a gooseneck trailer hitch adapter will tow more weight than one with a standard hitch.

The gooseneck adapter can be used on a fifth wheel trailer and on a livestock trailer. A driver with both trailers will easily transfer the adapter from one trailer to the next. Installing the adapter is also easy whether the truck and trailer are on even or uneven ground. Other hitches are best installed when the truck and trailer are on even ground.

Adding a gooseneck trailer alters the trailer’s original design and hence the warranty becomes void. The driver installs the gooseneck adapter at their own risk if a warranty for the trailer is available. The warranty is termed void if anything happens to the trailer even if it is not related to the hitch. This is unnecessary though if the trailer’s warranty has expired.

Installation of the gooseneck adapter involves drilling of holes onto the truck bed. The holes remain when the hitch is removed. The hitch causes stress on the trailer’s frame depending on the weight that is towed and how it’s done. Damage is also caused to the windows and walls of the trailer. The owner is usually responsible for this repair cost if they happen.

The gooseneck is easy to install even on uneven ground compared to other standard hitches. It’s challenging to install it though since one has to go under the bed to secure the hitch to the trailer. This is because the gooseneck hitch adapter is located under the bed. Lining up the trailer arm and the ball for hookup is a bit difficult too.

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