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Enhance the business efficiency with multiple storage techno

by swethar

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Information technology is the leading industry with new profit margins meeting the changing market requirements to increase the business growth. These days, IT sector is growing rapidly with new industrial requirements. Along with the business needs, data also increases. Most of the organizations are combating to store large amount of data in the servers. The data contains multiple types of content like information, document files, picture files, applications, programs, audio and video files, operating systems and many more. So, it is important for all organizations to maintain it properly for further references.

Servers are the basic infrastructure to maintain companies’ crucial data for a longer time, but it has limited capacity to store data. Many organizations use traditional server as backup device to store the data. These devices are good for providing network connections for multiple devices to access the data from the shared folders. These can also endorse multiple operating systems like Solaris, windows, UNIX and many more. This device is an effective one to support many requirements, but the main drawback is limited storage space. To overcome these challenges, there are many storage technologies that can enhance the efficiency and reliability. Most of the organizations are working hard to develop the software and hardware resources, which can maintain the scalability and increase the business performance.

There are many storage technologies to help the organizations enhance their requirements and storage efficiency. They are storage area network (SAN), Direct attached storage (DAS), redundant array of independent disks (RAID), and network attached storage (NAS) and many more. These devices are cost effective and mostly used in mid-sized and large-sized organizations. Out of all these devices, NAS is an effective one to manage the large amount of data through internet connections. It can connect with the server through network ports to increase the storage space. It can also protect the data from internet threats and prevent it from any loss.

SAN can also work effectively to manage the immense amount of information for longer years. Generally, SAN is preferred by large enterprises.  It can enlarge the disk space to help organizations in enhancing the efficiency. It has many functions such as migrations, data backup, recovery management, data mirroring and many more to augment the processing power. It either connects with Ethernet iSCSI protocols, or over IP or TCP protocols. Hence, it is good to increase the storage capacity.

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