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Implement an Effective Alcohol and Drug Policy by Training

by hugholdham

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Recent statistics show that almost 70 percent employed professionals in the US are addicted to either drugs or alcohol, and found under the influence of drugs and alcohols at work. Hence, identifying such offenders and making them undergo testing has become an important factor required especially in the workplaces that involve safety sensitive tasks. Most employers often implement explicit testing rules to maintain an alcohol and drug free environment in the workplace.


Employers even carry out pre-employment drug and alcohol testing for implementing a safe hiring phase. This way they can make certain that the company is following DOT standards as well as maintaining workplace integrity, discipline and professionalism, by ensuring a drug free environment. Drug testing, whether done post or pre-employment or even randomly has become an important aspect of employee, conduct in most organizations. It helps the companies to stay clear of employees who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.


This benefits the organization in many ways as it helps them to save the money that is otherwise lost in providing health care and medical compensation to employees who undertake drug or alcohol. Moreover, a drug and alcohol free healthy work environment promotes positive traits like productivity, professionalism, discipline and integrity among the employees. Employees who are used for alcohol or drug abuse decrease the productivity, corrupt the workplace vibe, as well as infuse negative traits and unprofessional activities.


Therefore, it is the responsibility of the employer to recognize the employees who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the workplace. Along with that they also need to make such employees undergo testing and take disciplinary actions if verified. Many work places nowadays implement DOT testing methods that make the entire process simpler and more authentic.


Besides, the US Department of Transport has mandated supervisors of drivers to undertake the drug and alcohol awareness training, which will educate them to recognize the signs and symptoms of the abusers.


The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online and live programs provide the most outstanding course material that trains supervisors to effortlessly identify the abusers. Along with that, the program provided by DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department also teaches the supervisors, how to confront the abusers and make them understand the DOT regulations and company policy related to alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.


The DOT set of rules and procedures for alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace are perfectly explained in the Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online and live course. The program provided by DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department mentions that it is necessary to remove drug and alcohol addicted employees immediately if they test positive.


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