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Conquer Your Fear

by anonymous

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For many years I was embarrassed about my crooked teeth, but my fear of the dentist took over my life so this stopped me from seeking treatment. I noticed my teeth started to move when I was in my teenage years but at that time, I thought I could live with it, not thinking they could eventually become worse. Whilst my friends and family would say they hardly noticed, I felt they were only saying this to ease my worry and give me a confidence boost. They may never have noticed, but when it’s a personal issue it is something that plays on your mind most of the time. When meeting new people, I would sometimes try to speak with my lips as close together as possible, which made me look ridiculous and soon enough this became a habit.

By the time I reached my mid-twenties, I had finished university and the job search began. I had several interviews and my nerves would take over, but not because of the prospect of not being employed, but because of what they might think about my crooked teeth. I realised I had to do something about this issue, and so I booked a consultation with a London Orthodontist. I explained my fears and the smile I have always dreamt about. It wasn’t just the fear of having numerous objects in my mouth at once, it was the thought of having a brace tightened, causing intense pressure on the mouth. I don’t understand when or why my fear of the dentist appeared, I have a high pain threshold but anything coming into close contact with my mouth sends me into a nervous frenzy, and I would encounter horrible panic attacks.

The London orthodontics impressed me throughout my treatment, they helped me overcome my fears and the one thing I regret is not seeking treatment sooner. When having my braces tightened, it was such a gradual, gentle process with little pressure, if anything it was a little uncomfortable rather than painful. Since having my brace it has changed my life, I can smile without fear and feel happier when meeting new people. Sometimes I wake up and forget my teeth are perfectly straight, but then I remember how fantastic the treatment was and admire them in the mirror for a few minutes every morning.The only habit I have now is running my tongue over my perfectly straight teeth.

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