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Spotting Deliberate Damage to Roofing in Jacksonville

by terencewatthens

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It takes a skilled roofing professional to spot hail damage; whenever hail comes around, some attempt to reproduce hail damage to force insurance companies into paying for the repairs. The roof sector has been encouraged to be on the lookout for deliberate damages to any roofing. The insurance company, for one, won't spend for damages done deliberately.

For the record, hail strikes randomly; it's relatively rare for a hailstorm to develop a unique pattern when it pelts roofing in Jacksonville. In addition, when hail strikes, it compels the granules to sink into the shingle; it does not crush them to fine bits. A better analysis of the dent on a shingle may help determine whether the roofing was really struck by hail or damaged on purpose. The power of hail hitting the roofing isn't as sturdy as bringing down a hammer on the shingle.

Roofers and inspectors are likewise instructed to try to find recognizable patterns of dents throughout a roof. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors believes deliberate damages takes the form of numerous familiar patterns. One instance is when the dents are all grouped at a specific location, like close to the summit of roofs and dormers.

Sometimes, the dents are grouped close to access points on the roofing system such as dormers since it's more secure to hammer from within than on the roof. On top of that, roofing contractors and inspectors likewise think about the commonness of the place of the dent. Most of the time, deliberate dents target the middle of the shingle, unlike in the randomness of hail.

Hail will not create a perfect round dent every time, as the stones can be found in distinct shapes and sizes. A thwack from a ball peen hammer, on the other hand, is capable of doing precisely that commonly with its semi-spherical hammerhead. Roofers will treat this as an issue and fix it, but never ever expect any help from your insurance business. In time, they have expanded more competent in finding these dents with a simple look.

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