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Why Email Advertising Still Works

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While it is true that there are many options to consider when advertising online, email advertising still deliver productive results. With the onset of social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and YouTube marketing, a lot of business owners put aside email marketing and let it sit on the side until cold. Still, there are unprecedented reports on how email advertising still works. It is always worth tapping to in your online advertising efforts. In a report from Pew Internet Project, it states that email is still one of the most popular activities people do in the internet. Email has astounding 92% general penetration among online users at 60% daily usage. In another survey by Message Systems, it is found out the email advertising still deliver a good ROI even with the increasing popularity of social media.

How to Use Email to Your Advantage

There is a big potential in using this type of advertising and there is more than one way to utilize its power.



You can partner up with a publisher who sent out newsletters and rent an ad space in it. This can be in a form of a text link, banner or log placement.

HTML Emails

You can also request/ pay for a publisher to send out an entire email content that you prepared to their subscriber base. This is perfect if you are targeting a demographically based audience or a very specific target market. Solo emails tend to be quite expensive but only because it gives the most cost-efficient results in just one email blast.


List Rental

You can find a number of people on the Internet that offers list rentals. This is not a list from a publisher but from an email list aggregator. This is quite tricky. You don’t want to be associated with a list seller that offer unsolicited emails where your emails will be most likely be tagged as spam. If you are using rented lists to send out to emails to create a new database, make sure that you do check blacklists to make sure that your IP address and domain is not in this list. If it is, then your emails is most probably going to bulk or spam folders, which basically mean that you just wasted a good amount of your time and money.


How to Create Your Own List

Aside from actually renting space in other publisher’s newsletters, you can also create your own list. In your website, you can make use of an auto responder or an email marketing client tied to lead forms that you can insert your website. You can offer a free report or any freebie to entice online visitors to enter their email address and subscribe to your mailing list.


More Tips


When using email advertising, it is important that you measure your deliveries to know which lists are cost-efficient and give you the most ROI. Develop certain criterion and benchmarks to evaluate your email marketing efforts. Go the extra mile to know consumer behavior, especially of your target market. This will help you in creating an effective ad for them where they can respond positively to your call of action


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