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Women are Threatened When Their Partners Form Attachments

by stevenfinn423

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Women fear a lot more to losing their man than just the fact that the woman they lost out to is better looking than they are. Any poll taken in terms of why men cheat and what women find unforgivable will present you with figures that tell a lot more than once thought. Women are more upset when their partner or husband forms an emotional bond with another woman, more so than when they spend the night doing all sorts of adulterous things with her. Take Hilary Clinton for instance, she managed to forgive Bill his indiscretion and they have become stronger for it. Of course it would have taken time and counselling to get over, however the fact that the act was purely sexual meant that it was something they could both overcome. However, a man forming a new, emotional bond with another woman, whether that woman is a secretary or someone he met at his local coffee shop is something entirely different. Here it means that he has invested something into the relationship, it means that it’s more than just the fact that this woman is attractive and that means that it’s all the more threatening.


For a man wanting a little something outside of his relationship, the easiest way to go about it is to perhaps spend a little time with an escort. These are women that seem to pose no threat to wives and girlfriends. These are women who are offering a service, and one that men enjoy and their partners are willing to overlook, because there is no emotional attachment here. It also means that whatever release a man has with an escort is something that he doesn’t take home with him. Any anxieties of the day, stresses over his current relationship or even work woes are all forgotten and he returns home to his wife or family at ease and in a better frame of mind, meaning that the men in question can form better bonds with whoever is at home waiting for him.


Of course nothing is as good for a relationship as working on your problems, talking and spending time together; however with life and work pressures the way they are currently in London, the option to seek comfort and release with an escort has never looked better. If you have to look outside of your relationship for company then seeking the services of a professional is the best way to do it. No strings attached, no emotional bonding and at the end of the day the discretion in which all meetings are carried out are such that even if your wife or partner do find out, like Hilary and Bill you will be able to overcome and flourish.



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