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How To Hire A Carpet Cleaning Company?

by lillygoyel

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Most homeowners don’t think about carpet cleaners not until we start to notice stains and dirt in our carpets. What we don’t realize is that regular carpet cleaning improves not only the appearance of our home, it also increases our indoor quality by removing microscopic organisms like dust mites and allergens. Health experts would even recommend that residential carpets should be cleaned every six to twelve months as a minimum. This should be even more for households with pets, smokers and young children.

Carpet Cleaning Companies

Carpet cleaning companies nowadays offer different kinds of services. These services vary from spot cleaning, complete carpet cleaning to odor removal. When choosing the best carpet cleaners in Tweed Heads, keep in mind that although most companies offer the same variation of services, they do not use the same method when it comes to cleaning your carpets.

When talking about residential carpet cleaning, there are four methods usually followed by cleaning companies. There is shampooing, foam cleaning, dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Most companies would specialize in only one method. There are advantages and disadvantages to every method. So before you pick out a carpet cleaner in Tweed Head, you have to understand the differences between these methods.

How to Choose the Best?

When you’re choosing the right carpet cleaning company for you, start narrowing your choices by asking your friends for recommendations. Surely, your friends already have experiences as to which cleaning company does a very good job. This is so much better compared to just calling different companies at random.

Once you’ve gathered names of different companies, you can start calling them and then, ask for a quote. If there is a company who would offer a price that is way over based on the actual area of your home, remove them from your list. A company who will most likely give you an accurate quote will ask if they can come over to your place so that they can conduct a physical inspection.

Aside from asking for a price range, you should also ask questions about the cleaning procedure that the company specializes in. In most cases, there are several steps and this should include vacuuming the carpet, pre-treating and then afterwards, extraction. You also have to choose a company that is able to describe all the chemicals that they will use for the cleaning and they should also explain the dangers and the benefits of every chemical. If a certain company cannot provide this information, then feel free to move on.

Again, there are many ways and means on how to look for the best carpet cleaner but we are here to guide you every step of the way. If you want to learn more about your options, feel free to visit


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