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Future Aspects of a Professional Online Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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Gone are the days when you have to go directly to a company’s head quarter and hand over your resume. Gone are the days of standing in the line and waiting for the lady to come and take your resume. These are the days of Internet Marketing, the companies expect to find you online. So if you are not in that system, then you are not being any system eligible. So in the future, a professional online portfolio is going to be extremely important.

How an online portfolio is better than a resume:

1.File attaching option
2.Use of media
3.Directly add links to your past works
4.Technology savvy
6.Ability to connect to social networks

Sure thing that you know a lot of programming code. Will you write those codes on your portfolio? Never, it will be an extremely stupid thing to do. But if you have a professional online portfolio, you can demonstrate your skills online. Attach files to it and make the programs you made user friendly and make sure they are impressed by it. This option is not available on a resume.

Say that you are a wildlife photographer. You may staple a sample of some couple of your photos with the resume, but think how much difference you could make it if you had a professional online portfolio. You could have created a HD live slide show of the photos you have taken, arrange the photos and make a story and add some background music to it. Find me a man, even the grumpiest one who will not be mesmerized after seeing the photo.

You can add a plugin in your portfolio where your past employers gave you reviews, and link them to the contact info of the employers. You can write about the good things your employers said about you in your resume, but who will believe you? When you upload the reviews in your portfolio linking it to them, they will find it more trustworthy.

When you use a business card, you can attach a qr code where a person with a Smartphone can scan the code and go directly to your portfolio. Technology at its best. Right?

You can attach your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profile in your online professional portfolio too.

As the world is getting greener and greener day by day, people will prefer to use online works instead of paper works. The use of paper will be eliminated so will the paper resumes become obsolete.

If you are a person who still believes in the old school paper resume, and feel reluctant about moving on digitally, well I have to say that I have some bad news for you. A day will come, if you do not change, you will be fictionally unemployed. The online professional portfolio is the future and it has already made their presence felt.

Pixpa lets you to create online portfolio website for photographers,artists and designers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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