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Do It Yourself: Photobook

by anonymous

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More often than not, technology hinders the ancient gestures of love from emanating. Having been built for convenience and instant gratification, it takes away effort and patience which usually comes with a year of courting. What we fail to realize is an entirely different potential of technology to creating a perfectly personalized product.

Capturing memories is far too easy of a mission these days. Online Printing Services or Digital cameras in its different shapes and sizes have gained increasing popularity throughout the years. Everybody has an access to one. But even with the unlikely event of not having it, there’s always a cellular phone with a built-in camera in one’s pocket. Ultimately, we all end up with tons of pictures in our hard drives. And that’s the first big step in creating a Do It Yourself Photobook!

For this creative undertaking, you’re going to need a few things other than the digital photos you have on computer file. These include PowerPoint photobook template, color printer, photo paper, and transparency or vellum paper. These are stuff you can find in your home office or that big box of school supplies in your closet. And just like other do it yourself projects, feel free to add or substitute materials depending on availability. When that’s settled, you’re ready to start.

FIRST,select the photographs you wish to include in your photobook. Carefully collect the digital images that fit the theme of the book you want to make. It could be a family vacation, a cousin’s wedding, or a photo love story of you and your better half. If you have non-digital images that you wish to include, use a scanner to store a digital copy of the pictures in your computer. Put the pictures you’ve collected in one file folder for easy access.

NEXT,pick out a template from PowerPoint gallery. In PowerPoint 2003, you can do this by clicking “File” and “New”. On the right task pane, click “Photo Album” to open a Photo Album dialog box. Through this dialog box, you can insert the digital images you’ve selected and decorate them by adding text boxes and modifying the page layout in a way that suits your taste best. In PowerPoint 2007, click the “Office” button, select “New” and type “photo album” in your search window. Pick the photo album you want to use and click “Download.” And this is where you start doing your magic by adding your pictures, catchy captions, and everything else in between.

THEN,when your digitally formatted photobook is well and good, print your work of art using your home color printer. For best photo quality, load photo papers for this print job. If you plan to print pictures on two sides, make it a point to pick a paper that can handle this demand. Use your transparency or vellum paper to protect each printed page.

FINALLY,bind your photobook. The easiest, most practical way of binding is to staple the pages together. And use a spine cover to hide the staples. For a more elegant although less convenient finish, you have the option to buy unbind book covers to complete this task.

Although fast and convenient – thanks to your Online Printing Services technology – the time and effort is still visible in every page of this Do It Yourself Photobook. Display this piece of artwork in your home. When someone in the family finds it adorable, offer to give them a copy. After all, one reproduction of this photobook is only one “Print” click away. And in any occasion that comes and goes, decide to give this creative manual pursuit with some technological help, and consequently, decide to give a gift that lasts.


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