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Choosing Your Home on Wheels: Red Deer RV Classifications

by rosalindarudloff

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Buying a recreational vehicle or RV is buying a home that you can take anywhere. You can camp in one of Red Deer Alberta’s nature parks, or take it for an adventure traversing Canada’s highways. You can even get into a more permanent life on the road with it. Whatever your purpose may be, there is an RV type for you. These vehicles are classified according to size and function. Here are a few Red Deer RV classifications to help you choose.

Class A

Class A RVs are built for use as mobile homes. They are equipped with a chassis that can either be a commercial truck, commercial bus, or a specially designed model. The large size of the Class A allows it to be installed with comfortable and spacious motor home features. Its wheels are designed to carry heavy loads across vast distances, and the vehicle may come with gas or diesel engines that can have about 8-10 miles-per-gallon capacity.

Class B

This RV type may look like a typical van, having an average length of 17-19 feet. Despite the van design, they are tall enough for a man of average height to stand in comfortably. Being smaller than the class A though, they usually come with only the basic amenities like a kitchen, living area, and a bathroom. Its small size makes it ideal for driving and camping trips.

Class C

Typically, class Cs have a bigger space than the class B but lesser than the class A. They can accommodate up to eight people, saving space by having overhead sleeping areas. This RV type can even tow a convertible should you want to go out sight-seeing in a smaller vehicle. Some class Cs are even equipped with slide outs, an extra living space which can be retracted or extended out when parked.

Towable RVs

These RV types are not equipped with motors. That means that you have to tow it in the back of your car to take them along. Towable RVs come in a wide variety of sizes and amenities in its interior space, and are designed for maximum maneuverability while being towed.

In choosing an RV in Red Deer, know your travel purpose. For instance, you can’t really take a slow, heavy class C RV purely on a city drive, or a class A for that matter. For more details on RVs, visit

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