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A Guide to Getting Your RV in Red Deer Ready for Spring

by rosalindarudloff

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Spring is only a few weeks away, and for many folks, it’s time to start planning a trip to one of Red Deer's best camping grounds as a way to mark the beginning of the season. However, while you can get spring-ready by unearthing your brightly colored and lightweight clothes, preparing your RV in Red Deer for spring definitely takes more effort. To get you started, keep in mind the following tips:

Undertake a thorough exterior check.

Your RV's exterior is likely to have sustained some form of damage while in storage. For this reason, carefully examine the exterior, making sure to watch out for any cracks or chips in the paint. Next, inspect the walls and ceiling of your RV to ensure there are no leaks.

Examine your tires.

While driving your RV in rough road conditions can wear out your tires faster, your tires may also suffer if they’ve remained idle for the entire duration of winter. Carefully assess your tires' condition, paying particular attention to the sidewalls and the tread area. Any form of damage to your tires can cause them to crack or blow up, thus putting your life in danger.

Wash your RV.

While your RV may have stayed indoors all throughout the winter, it’s still not entirely impervious to dirt or other unwanted elements. As such, you'll need to give it a meticulous washing, being mindful to use a cleaning solution specially formulated for RV exteriors. For the interior, vacuum clean the carpet and scrub all accumulated dirt off the floor and other surfaces.

Check your RV battery.

For this step, you can follow either of two methods. In the specific gravity test, you have to insert the syringe from the temperature-adjusted hydrometer and extract the electrolyte (battery acid). The second method involves using an open-circuit voltage while removing the negative battery cable.

After you’ve performed these steps and you're still not sure if your RV is fully spring-ready, it's best to take your RV to Red Deer repair and service specialists. This way, you can be more certain that everything is in place and be able to drive safely to your destination. For more information, visit


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