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Long-term Impact of Brain Injury

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Anyone who has suffered a head injury in a motor vehicle accident should consult with an attorney in Asheville as soon after the accident as possible. Even if the injury seems at first to be only a minor injury, the symptoms of a severe brain injury are often delayed. That is, a victim may feel okay right after an accident only to suffer pain, confusion, blurred vision, or a host of other symptoms associated with a brain injury days, or sometimes even weeks, after the accident. Your injury attorney in Asheville has the experience and expertise in dealing with head injuries to make sure that you are able to get the diagnostic tests and appropriate treatment that you need and to work to help you obtain whatever compensation you may be due.

Brain injuries can be somewhat elusive because often the injury is not the most noticeable at the time of the accident. Broken bones and lacerations tend to be the big attention getters at an accident scene. Meanwhile, the brain can be swelling inside the cranium unbeknownst to the victim of the ER doctors. Even when doctors do recognize that head trauma is present, they may misdiagnose or under-diagnose the severity of the injury.

In addition, your attorney will be aware of the fact that despite the high hopes that doctors had for citicoline in treating traumatic brain injuries, it is not proving to be the miracle cure they had anticipated. Doctors had thought that citicoline would help with forgetfulness, attention deficits, vision issues, and other effects of serious brain injuries. Unfortunately, however, in actual tests, the drug worked no better than the placebo given to the control group. That means that if you have sustained a TBI (traumatic brain injury) you may suffer the effects for the rest of your life. In some cases, that can mean the need for ongoing medical attention and/or care. The cost of that care will be something that your injury attorney in Asheville will aggressively pursue on your behalf, as well as all other costs associated with your injury.

In addition to ensuring that you have the best possible chance of obtaining all remuneration for which you may be eligible, your injury attorney in Asheville will also negotiate with everyone involved in your case to ensure that your medical care team understands what kind of information and documentation is required by the insurance companies in question and that everything is in order.

When a brain injury is causing you difficulties that could require extensive medical attention, your attorney in Asheville is the one to turn to for help. Your injury attorney will work tirelessly to get you whatever justice you may deserve.

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